Fissures and Fractures


Most of us live our lives trying to survive and making the most of it. Sometimes we hit the wall and it takes some time to find a way over or around it… but we make it. Despite all the walls, rocks, muddy ponds on our road…Why?… Because we want to live…So we can walk another mile, see another sunrise, take another picture, hug our family, share laughs with our friends, meet new people…breathe.

We say “I’ll do that tomorrow” and then wake up one day to realize that tomorrow became yesterday without us even noticing it.

We are not all destined for greatness…or what we think greatness is…our jobs sometimes drive us crazy, our parents, kids, lovers, friends sometimes drive us crazy, we sometimes drive ourselves crazy…but that’s ok….otherwise, how could we appreciate the quiet moments?

The world may remember us for our inventions, paintings, poems or any other outstanding achievement…But it is how those close to us remember us in the end…were we kind enough, brave or smart…were we good friends, silent heroes when those we love most needed us…were we rocks for our family, safe harbor for lost souls….and most importantly, did we live our lives to the fullest, braving the storms with the smile and the twinkle in our eyes…

For we are not defined by what we do for a living, but what we do with our lives.

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